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General terms and conditions of use

1. Data protection

Sprachen ​​Express undertakes to manage confidentially all documents and information communicated and keep secret, to the best knowledge and belief, all facts and issues in fact revealed related to business relations with our clients. Independent workers have the obligation of discretion. You may find here the complete declaration of data protection in conformity to General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR).

2. Acquirement procedure

The business structure of Sprachen Express supports online orders of translation, editing or other services. In this respect, a contact form has been elaborated to be filled in by the client by entering details of the order (scope, source language, target language, demands of specific terminology, word count etc.). All additional information necessary to process the order (explanations, drawings, glossaries, templets) must be sent by client without being required. The errors, delays or quality impairment following the failure to observe the above points or due to inaccurate or incorrect data are incurred by client.

3. Execution of order

Sprachen ​​Express is authorised to use third parties to accomplish the duties assigned, as it deems opportune or relevant. Nevertheless, the basic business relation is exclusively between the client and Sprachen Express and excludes direct contact between clients and third parties without the consent of Sprachen Express. The activity of Sprachen Express is mainly carried out by contractual employees.

If not agreed otherwise, Sprachen Express is authorised to include the client in the list of reference after the end of delivery. It includes the use of trademarks for exemplification.

4. Delivery of orders

An order is deemed delivered as soon as the work afferent to the order has been sent to the client. The delivery terms mentioned are approximate and must be deemed estimated dates, communicated by Sprachen Express depending on its evaluations. Sprachen ​​Express declines any responsibility for any additional costs incurred by client due to the breach of terms agreed.

The client is responsible to revise the exhaustiveness of data submitted. The client is asked to confirm the receiving of relevant material in writing. The dispatch of the works performed is on the risk of client. Sprachen​​Express declines any responsibility for incorrect, incomplete transmission or damaged material to be delivered or loss of it, for instance electronically.

5. Payment conditions

If not agreed otherwise in writing, the invoices are sent electronically by e-mail in PDF format. The translations delivered or other works ordered remain the property of Sprachen Express until full payment of it. The copyrights of such work remain the property of Sprachen Express and there is no right of use until the client settles completely all claims. The duplication of any material supplied has entailed licence fees up to present.

A 10-day term is established as of the invoice date for full settlement of the debts of invoiced amount, except for first orders, for which the regulation of advance pay is applied. The failure to observe the payment term entails interests and usual bank commissions, after a unique demand of payment issued by Sprachen Express and sent by e-mail, fax or post. Subsequent proofreading cannot entail a delay of payment.

6. Field of application

The terms and conditions enumerated are enforced to all commercial transactions with Sprachen Express, with the seat of company in Ritterstraße 11b, 39124 Magdeburg, Germany. The clients accept the terms and conditions upon reading the website, placing an order or other relevant business interactions and are enforced during the entire term of business relation. Therefore, they are included in the future offers. The terms and conditions of client are obligatory for Sprachen Express only if expressly acknowledged.

Other agreements with our clients infringing the terms and conditions are valid only if legally signed by both parties. All other regulations are continued to be applied.

The contractual relations and other commercial relations between Sprachen Express and client are exclusively subject to the law applicable at the seat of company in Germany, except for international legislation related to sales. The place of jurisdiction for both parties is Magdeburg, Germany, for all disputes.

7. Effects

In spite of initial or subsequent inapplicability of one or several disposals of general terms and conditions, the validity of the other disposals is not impaired. A valid regulation resembling the most the economic and legal scope is enforced as agreed.

8. Liability

Except for the case when more specific agreements related to the specific requisites of a translation or other work have been concluded, such agreements will be drafted by contractor based on its orthographic and grammatically correct, complete and analogous knowledge, for information. The client has a right of contestation expressed in writing within 10 business days (date of receipt by us). If such option is not used or the said term is exceeded, the translation is deemed approved or the result of a work ordered is deemed accepted. In this case, the client waives all claims to which it is entitled in case of default. Nevertheless, if claimed an objectively acknowledged and highly demonstrable default, it must be presented as accurate as possible to offer the contractor the possibility to make improvements. In case of proofreading of urgent works (more of 10 standard pages / 250 lines / or 2500 words per business day), the client must provide a reasonable term for proofreading. If such proofreading cannot be proved, there is the possibility of a second and third proofreading. If such attempts objectively fail, the client is entitled to withdraw from contract, to reduce the amount invoiced or amend it. The demands of compensation pursuant to non-execution are excluded. The liability is however restricted to predictable damages usually appeared and to the volume of translation or respectively other works. We are liable only in case of deliberate intent and serious neglect.

Sprachen ​​Express declines any responsibility for the translator errors or other specific defaults including incomplete, incorrect or illegible information supplied by client. This also includes defaults caused (for instance) by errors of electronic transmission or document conversion. The mentioning of the scope of use of translation (advertising scopes, print, advertising etc.) entails no responsibility for improper translation or potential damage caused to the reputation of such company. If Sprachen Express is criminally investigated for breaching the copyrights afferent to a translation, the client shall exempt us of liability completely.

9. Withdrawal, termination, assignment, delivery delays, impossibility

Until the completion of a translation or other order, any contract may be terminated only by the client, providing solid reasons in writing. For the profit lost, Sprachen Express is entitled to compensation equal to total value of order.

The withdrawal of client from the contract in case of delayed execution or impossibility of provider  Sprachen Express to offer the service is acceptable only if the possibility of remedy by contractor failed three times and this may be proven and a discount is excluded, as well as in case of unreasonable delay of delivery, at the end of the grace period reasonably offered by client.

The assignment of contractual rights by client needs our written consent.

10. Force majeure and other troubling factors

Sprachen ​​Express declines any responsibility for the damages caused by the interruption of commercial operations and force majeure, such as natural events, errors of data transmission electronically, damage of data by viruses or spam filters, network or server errors and other impediments beyond our control. In the situations mentioned, as well as an exceptional situation of partial restriction or termination of our commercial operations, we are entitled to fully or partly withdraw from the contracts concluded.