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We offer you professional translation services
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Translation services for corporate and private customers

No matter whether you have document to translate in other language or you are looking for an authorised translator / interpreter, we are here for you. We will deal with your translation project from the beginning to the end, to meet exactly your requisites.

As translation agency, we offer professional linguistic services (specialised translations, superlegalisations, apostilles, interpretation, subtitles, graphical editing, proofreading etc.) in the majority of languages due to our extended network of translators.

Requesting professional translation services
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Professional translation services

Our different domains of expertise allow us both to undertake projects from all industries
(technology, medicine, finance, law, publicity etc.), and to technically implement it.

Translators working


Our translation agency offers both translations for professionals and natural persons in different combinations of language, and authorised translations.

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Interpreters at the conference


We offer services of simultaneous / consecutive interpretation and direct translation for business, official meetings or for different institutions.

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Certification of documents


Certifications for apostille / superlegalisations official documents (certificates, diplomas, birth certificates, driving licences etc.).

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Video or graphic editing service


We are editing the layout of your catalogues translated (DTP), we insert texts on websites (location) and we create subtitles for different videos.

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