Rate offer for translation services

Frequently asked questions

The text quantity is usually calculated based on number of standard rows of text. A standard row includes 55 characters, spaces included, regardless the size of font. This may be easily verified by any client, because almost all text editing programs have such functions to count words and characters.
Urgent translations are all documents that need to be done earlier than standard or specialised translations. For express orders (24 hours, weekend or earlier than normal) and additional cost of 25-75% of the order value is charged.
The rates for interpretation services are calculated per hour or day, the cost of equipments, technicians and transport being added depending on the needs of your event. In this respect, we must receive the following information:
- Date and duration of event
- Language pairs for translation (if more)
- Number of participants needing headphones for translation (for each language)
- the equipment (system of simultaneous translation with earphones, number of translation agencies, number of microphones, number of speakers, transmitters etc.) you may provide
- number of halls of event (simultaneously or on different hours)
- the place of event (town / address)
The rate for transcriptions, subtitles or video translations depending on material is calculated per minute. At least 5 minutes per order are charged. In this respect, we must be communicated the following information:
- Total number of audio / video minutes
- audio / video file or a representative example (please, send it by www.wetransfer.com) or a Youtube link to it
- For subtitles, please indicate the services you want to include (translation, synchronisation, including subtitles in video)
The rates for graphical or location services depend on the complexity of documents. Based on the assessment of project details, a unit rate may be stated for the entire document that needs such service.